Body Building

Visual and musical show

From 14 years of age

Duration: 50 minutes

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  • Body building is a life dance, a prodigious call to awareness. From the random crack of the sounds to the rhythmic organisation, throughout the representation, the body and the music feel the different phases of the evolution of the being, it is the dream of an increased body. The confusion of this fantasised existence is bolstered by the use of prosthesis, dummies and the video device. In this search, references to painting and stutuary naturally arise.

    There are many of us in this body that is looking for a different identity than that imposed by the plastic art representations. The whole play is a vast quest for awareness, balance, and musicality, a body in construction, a fragile and immense edifice to erect, in other words, a Body Building!


    Conception, manipulation and acting: Delphine Bardot | Stage Direction: Eric Domenicone | Manipulation: Santiago Moreno | Music and sound: Antoine Arlot | Light creation and stage managing: Chris Caridi | Costumes: Daniel Trento | Footprints: Marie Cambois | Zapateo technical: Nadia Cerise | | Construction of objects: Yseult Welschinger | Decor construction: Olivier Benoît| Video: Vincent Vicario | Production manager: Nona Holtzer | Tour director : Babette Gatt

    Production: The SoupeCie