Behind the door

Visual and musical play without words

From the age of 2

Duration: 35 minutes

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  • Behind the Door, in the hotel Mister is staying in, we can hear music and sounds, see numerous images and an encounter. Mister is not alone. Well! Well! Who is the other?

    Behind the Door is a fantasy, a loving and playful chase.

    From 1 to 10, our ordinary hero opens the doors of this curious hotel. He ventures into strange and daily worlds, looking for Madam, a fugitive image he caught sight of, in the mirror. As a surrealist epic, behind each door, the extraordinary becomes the norm.

    From his room, Mister visits his world. From here, he can fall from breathtaking heights, jump into paintings, and fly away in a balloon…a wordless story, a world of visual and sound collages, which is about to bypass the laws of reality.

    Amazements, surprises, fits of laughter, small shivers and emotions that the youngsters are going to live and share. We draw on common imagery and dive into the children’s references with them, for instance their own bodies, feelings and magical relations to the universe.

    The adventure is behind the door, I push it open and walk towards the other. He tells me I am not alone and that we are sharing something different from fear.


    Text and Conception : Eric Domenicone | Acting and manipulation : Yseult Welschinger and Delphine Bardot or Eric Domenicone | Music: Pierre Boespflug and Antoine Arlot | Stage management: Chris Caridi | Scenography and puppet making: Delphine Bardot, Yseult Welschinger | Costumes: Daniel Trento | Decor construction: Jacques Denis| Video: Eric Domenicone and Eric Parisi | Production manager: Nona Holtzer | Tour director : Babette Gatt

    Production: The SoupeCie