Eden Market

Minimarket Chronicles

Theater, music and puppets

All audiences from the age of 8

Duration: 1h

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  • Beyond work and consumerism, what is left of life?

    Suite de tableaux, Eden Market emmène le public de l’ouverture d’un hypermarché jusqu’à la sortie du dernier caddie, explorant les coulisses du « petit personnel » autant que la routine obsessionnelle des clients.

    Eden Market presents the audience with a series of tableaux from the opening of a supermarket’s doors in the morning, to the clang of the last trolley returning to the rank at night. Going behind the scenes, the piece explores the day to day experiences of the supermarket staff and the obsessive routines of the shoppers they serve. An absurd world created by the big distributors to dupe us into confusing the purchase of their products with the pursuit of happiness. Live music replaces text. Formal narrative is replaced by a collage of impressions taken from a shopping list that fills loneliness with hollow products. The action takes place against a constantly mutating ‘pop-up’ back-drop that moves to the frenetic rythm of each new promotion. A surreal exploration of a system that has taken root in the very heart of our society.

    Welcome to a country where buying is compulsive, brain time available and discounts impossible to miss. A poem that is almost lyrical, between compulsions and quest for happiness, that dismantles with humour the mechanism of overconsumption.


    Writing and Stage Direction : Eric Domenicone | Scenography : Yseult Welschinger, Eric Domenicone | Puppet Maker : Yseult Welschinger with Kathleen Fortin | Musical Composition and Music : Antoine Arlot, Pierre Boespflug | Acting and Manipulation : Delphine Bardot, Alexandre Picard, Yseult Welschinger | Music Advisor : Jeff Benignus | Costumes : Daniel Trento | Light Creation: Chris Caridi | Video Creation : Marine Drouard | Scenery construction : Olivier Benoit | Stage Management : Chris Caridi, Bertrand Truptil | Production manager: Nona Holtzer | Tour director : Babette Gatt