Indispensable counterpart of Vanity.

For a teenage and adult audience

Duration: 35 min

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  • Moods…the epic and sulphurous adventure of a tiny reject. An unconditional passion. A bad mood that would do anything to get better.

    The ugly person, the outsider, the reject, composes the shop window of a certain type of humanity, an authenticity where triviality becomes poetry and profoundness becomes dreamlike. In Vanity, we question the limits of beauty and the desire of eternity.

    In Moods, we focus on a different question: Can ugliness and repugnance be worthy of interest and find their place in such a tidy world.

    Thus, we have imagined this story, as a kind of exercise of style or a metaphor that deals with the human condition, the condition of the “turd”, to be more precise.


    Text, Interpretation, Manipulation: Benoît Fourchard | Direction, Creation of Objects: Delphine Bardot | Artistic collaboration: Eric Domenicone | Technical collaboration: Laurent Bloch, Florent prévoteau | Video:Christophe Hanesse | Production manager: Nona Holtzer | Tour director: Babette Gatt

    Production: The SoupeCie