Under the Petticoat

Manipulated divination for a curious person and a few voyeurs..

A fey actress invites the spectator, to discover a prediction under the petticoat

Adult audience

Duration: 20 min

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  • The spectator is the subject of an oracle, and his own image becomes the object of manipulation.

    The puppet theatre takes shape under the underskirts, with the body of the actress, both legs, up in the air, and hitched up lace. In this small frou-frou theater, the "consultant" discovers one of his previous and sulphurous lives, through animated pictures, engravings or daguerreotypes.

    The divination lasts for twenty minutes and invloves 15 spectators. It divides into two peregrinations throughout two different eras: the Age of Enlightment and the Roaring Twenties.

    The project is to embark the spectator on his own story, and to falsify and manipulate it. To drag this consenting victim into an erotic and personalised fantasy. To shift him around, between past, present, future and the origin of the world.

    To invent an intimate and playful journey on the banks of self-mockery and over proximity.


    Conception, Acting and Manipulation: Delphine Bardot | Texts and Oracles: Delphine Bardot et Benoît Fourchard | Costumes, Props and Old Lace: Daniel Trento | Frou-Frou Sound: Antoine Arlot | Sound System: Valentin Monnin | Production manager: Nona Holtzer | Tour director : Babette Gatt

    Production: The SoupeCie