Macao & Cosmage miniature

Light version of the play

for square, streets, parks, museums, libraries…

Text in the language of the country (without speach, written text)

All audiences / 15 minutes

  • download pictures HD
  • We offer an intimate and musical moment by deploying a miniature paper theatre

    United by intense love, Macao & Cosmage were living happily together on a lost island, when one day Civilisation approached them. Published in 1919, under Edy Legrand’s pen, this innovating book swims against the tide of his era. As a critique of overruning industrialism, an ode to ecology and an outlook on colonialism, this story strangely resonates today.

    Half way between kamishibaï, paper theatre and pop-up book techniques, Macao & Cosmage is a journey into Edy Legrand’s universe. Each of our 2 miniatures puppet booths open up for 12 spectators. The two manipulators unfold Macao & Cosmage’s relationship and adventures into images.

    In the heart of the tumult of the street, this moment of gentleness, is soothed by the animated images of the album and the original music, which is broadcasted to each spectator, through headphones. Macao & Cosmage is a bubble, a precious and intimate moment. This play can take place in all kinds of places: squares, streets, parks, multimedia libraries, museums, homestay accomodation, etc…

    It does not need any technical installation. A few benches and chairs can be used to improve the spectators’ comfort.


    Direction: Eric Domenicone | Acting and manipulation (alternately): Eric Domenicone, Chris Caridi, Céline Bernhard, Santiago Moreno et Yseult Welschinger | Scenography: Eric Domenicone & Yseult Welschinger | Musical composition: Pierre Boespflug | Costumes and paper theater: Daniel Trento | Production manager: Nona Holtzer | Tour manager : Babette Gatt

    <4>Production: The SoupeCie