Set up Plays

Evening cabaret with dinner

Adult audience (14 years of age minimum)

Duration: 3h30

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  • La SoupeCie, is a cooking pot in which surprising projects are always simmering.

    For an evening, dive into a jolly ambiance and treet yourself to a delicious menu, where short plays alternate with tasty little meals. A delightful assormtment of small plays that transform theatre into cabaret. Love myths, epic adventures, short erotic plays, etc. 10 artists titillate your taste buds, sight, ears and other senses. You will navigate from one universe to another, while you taste humor, poetry and mystery, etc.

    According to your group and orientation, you will have the possibility to attend three plays. To spice up your evening, the meal will be punctuated by musical and puppet interludes led by the whole troupe.

    A Bucolic scenery is set up, a tent is pitched on the scene, the musicians, actors and puppeteers serve you aperitifs, before escorting you to the different plays: Moods, Orpheus, Under the Petticoat, The pleasure of Giving…and also the small form A Bitch of a Short Life, from the theatre company Le Nez en l’Air, a miniature erotic cinema-concert, a birth, a domestic row, songs… surprises and several close-ups for the tables during the main meal.

    Production: The SoupeCie