The pleasure of giving

Erotic entresort

Adult audience

Duration: 20 min

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  • Désiré Valentin would like you to discover his most recent novelties, in his 1908 catalogue: daguerreotypes, photos and all kinds of erotic articles. Let yourself be charmed by the delicate works of a trustworthy company that guarantees unequalled quality.

    (…) We are happy to offer our customers several new series of erotic photos of the rarest and most disturbing nature that evoke the most obscene suggestions. We own unique pictures, where the splendour of the forms, the voluptuousness of the poses and the lechery of the movements unite in a heavenly vision. The most secret charms and the expression of the facial features when the swoon flesh is subjected to the most irrestible desires, were rendered with an authenticity that will be appreciated by real amateurs (…)

    Anonymous text 1908


    Direction Interpretation and Manipulation: Eric Domenicone | Conception: Philippe Thiam and Eric Domenicone | Costumes: Daniel Trento | Musical arrangement : Pierre Boespflug | Words and Music: Goublier Coste | Third Eye: Yseult Welschinger | Production manager: Nona Holtzer | Tour director : Babette Gatt

    Production: The SoupeCie