A play for an actress, a few dolls, some flesh and a few hairs.

From the age of 14

Duration: 25 min

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  • Immortality. Eternal youth. Preserve. Maintain. Keep. Protect. Set. Strengthen. Resist time. Refuse fate. Act on our own fate. Prolong a state. Preserve an envelope. Favour and improve the envelope. Day after day. Prevent ageing. Eliminate every sign of wrinkling, softening and subsidence. Remain as close as possible to the model, to the perfect representation of what each one of us aspires to. Tame, master, dominate and drive back ageing. A daily combat against wear and tear. Wear and tear. Wear and tear. Wear and tear. No, my skin will not age. I keep a close watch on it and resist. I dedicate my life to it. I will not grow old. This is my model, my myth and my muse.

    The play is based on a “small version” concept, with a duration of 25 minutes, a reduced play area, 50 spectators and thus a sense of intimacy with the audience. The singular techniques of manipulation are totally adapted to serve the intention: deconstructing, reconstructing, dismantling, transplanting … laboratory experiments. X-rays. Meticulous examination of the canons of beauty. Barbie doll. Moulding. Submission. Illusion. Our desire is in no way deprived of a certain sense of black humour. The point being, not to weigh down the intention by a too serious approach of the subject, by expressing an almost futile tone, which, in the course of the play, will turn out to be dark and even ferocious. The mistreatment the characters suffer from, the manipulation / transformation / mutation, is mirrored on the body of the actress. Thus, she does her utmost to make her initial beautiful self ugly throughout the play, like Turtle’s mother, in Brazil.


    Text and Direction: Benoît Fourchard | Interpretation, Manipulation, Object Creation: Delphine Bardot | Production manager: Nona Holtzer | Tour director: Babette Gatt

    Production: The SoupeCie